Are there any music playing services/websites that I can use to let people listen to various songs on a blog?

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Q. I'm assuming letting them download the song would be illegal (although, that would be my first choice: if I'm wrong and it's not illegal please tell me).
What websites fit best for playing various songs on a blogspot?

I'm planning to write song reviews and then letting the readers listen to the song, how can i do it?



Note: Sometimes when you embed a song from imeem, the embedded player will only play a 30-second clip. And it says something like "Log in to imeem to listen to the full song." Personally, I can't be bothered, much of the time. And I'd assume there are probably a lot of lazy bums like me out there, who feel the same way. Lol.
So when you put a song/playlist on your blog, you might want to double-check whether it'll actually let your readers listen to the whole song.

Hope this is helpful. :)

What Hip Hop sites or blogs do you tend to frequent?
Q. I find myself going to KevinNottingham, OkayPlayer, and sometimes HipHopDX for songs, reviews, and news.

Any similar ones?

A. Hip Hop DX

The 12 days of Christmas song, how many partridges does the person end up with?
Q. Do they get a partridge in a pear tree every day, or is the song just reviewing everything, and they only get one?

A. some would say 1 others 12

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