Is it legal to have clips of songs hosted on a public webpage, or is there some sort of fee involved?

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Q. I have recently started reviewing music at the request of some friends, and would like to post 5-20 second clips of the songs I am reviewing with an embedded player. I would prefer to choose the segments myself, and would use Audacity to create them. My question is whether or not this is legal. Do I have to pay a licensing fee? Is there some sort of time limit on a clip before it becomes illegal, or is it just against the rules completely?

A. Depends.

Using a small piece of a song, book or other copyrighted material is sometimes allowed for non-profit use, or use by news reporting agencies. If you are using only a few seconds of material you may be able to do that legally. I suggest that you hire an attorney admitted to practice law in the federal courts who is knowledgeable about copyright law and what is sometimes called the "fair use" doctrine.

I hope this helps, good luck to you.

Barclay's Premier League Review Show: name of the song playing during the ending credits?
Q. I am trying to find the name of the song that plays when the show is ending. I don't think it was on there before. They added the song to the review show for the 12/13 season. It has piano in the song.

A. I'm usually asleep by the time they get to that part of the show. Sorry.

If you still have the recording, you can use a song reconising app on your smart phone to identify it.

What is the song on the Nook or Kindle commercial that starts with a girl in a hammock?
Q. I haven't been able to find the song of one of the e-reader commercials (I think it's the kindle, but I can't be sure). It starts with a girl swinging in a hammock and goes on to show the ereader in various settings (for example, I recall it sitting on a treadmill while a girl is picking up a water bottle and drinking from it). Can you tell me the name of the song? Thank you!

A. In short:

> Don't go for Nook Color. It's using backlight screen like computer screen, and is difficult to our eyes. Just not suitable for reading purpose.

> Choose the Nook if you want to be:
- Able to borrow ebooks from library to your ebook reader
- Able to read books in epub format (without need of conversion) on your ebook reader

> Choose the Kindle if you want to be:
- Able to have free 3G wireless access
- Able to download books and use 3G wireless even you're outside of the United States
- Able to have text-to-speech function to read books to you like audio books

There is also quite a good review for comparison between the two here:

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