The 12 days of Christmas song, how many partridges does the person end up with?

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Q. Do they get a partridge in a pear tree every day, or is the song just reviewing everything, and they only get one?

A. some would say 1 others 12

Can you write me a song review on Bruno Mars The Lazy Song?
Q. I need an article on the Lazy song for a school project and need help writing it. if you use any other resources plz attach them! thnx!
Plz write something appropriate to put in a seventh grade magazine.
Plz be at least three paragraphs, but two would be fine.

A. Bruno mars is a genius artist and his songs are not cutesy they are genuis mixes and fit for everyone

Is it legal to use songs for fair use?
Q. I reviews for YouTube using Fair Use, in these reviews, I use footage from the film's I review, & in my next review, I'm reviewing a musical, & in the review, I'd like to share a bit of a song (from the film) in the review to let people hear it. I'm not going to show the whole of it, but I must wonder; is it ok to use songs for review? Would Fair Use cover music? Please reply as quickly as possible, because I'd like to know right now.

A. Yes it is legal, but the clip must only show a short segment of the song, not the whole performance. 20-30 seconds should not be a problem, unless the song is only 30 seconds long.

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