The 12 days of Christmas song, how many partridges does the person end up with?

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Q. Do they get a partridge in a pear tree every day, or is the song just reviewing everything, and they only get one?

A. some would say 1 others 12

Can you write me a song review on Bruno Mars The Lazy Song?
Q. I need an article on the Lazy song for a school project and need help writing it. if you use any other resources plz attach them! thnx!
Plz write something appropriate to put in a seventh grade magazine.
Plz be at least three paragraphs, but two would be fine.

A. Bruno mars is a genius artist and his songs are not cutesy they are genuis mixes and fit for everyone

Is it legal to have clips of songs hosted on a public webpage, or is there some sort of fee involved?
Q. I have recently started reviewing music at the request of some friends, and would like to post 5-20 second clips of the songs I am reviewing with an embedded player. I would prefer to choose the segments myself, and would use Audacity to create them. My question is whether or not this is legal. Do I have to pay a licensing fee? Is there some sort of time limit on a clip before it becomes illegal, or is it just against the rules completely?

A. Depends.

Using a small piece of a song, book or other copyrighted material is sometimes allowed for non-profit use, or use by news reporting agencies. If you are using only a few seconds of material you may be able to do that legally. I suggest that you hire an attorney admitted to practice law in the federal courts who is knowledgeable about copyright law and what is sometimes called the "fair use" doctrine.

I hope this helps, good luck to you.

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